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Monday, February 09, 2009

Blonde Ambition

I've been a redhead now longer than I wore my natural color, and I think a change is in order.

(I do this when I realize that bigger life changes are necessary but I'm either uncertain of what they are or scared shitless -- or both -- so instead I change my hair. Just play along with me that this simply a surface thing.)

I love the vibrancy of red, but as Megan Jane recently pointed out maybe (in solely my case, not all of you other gingers out there) it's projecting a tendency toward recklessness for which I no longer want to be known.

I suppose no one wants to be known as reckless, but for a long time, I didn't really mind it. Now I do. Now I want to be less of a wreck.

I know the stereotypes about blondes might seem to counter the centered, focused persona I want to embody, but I'm drawn to the literal and figurative idea of lightening up. And, since I've been damn near every other color under the sun but blonde, it's time to explore uncharted territory.

So much of my life seems to no longer fit, like every day I'm waking up and putting on someone else's clothes. I might be covered up and warm, but it just doesn't feel right.

My boss reads (or at least knows of) this here blog, so I feel obliged to say: No, I'm not quitting my job or even entertaining the idea. While I'm glad to be able to say that we have very open discussions about the many, many, many, many drawbacks of our work, it's everything else that feels off.

Well, I made an appointment at the salon for tomorrow night because if I can't indentify the bigger changes that are necessary, at least I can update my 'do.

In the Comments section, tell me if you think blondes have more fun.

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  • At 6:32 PM , Anonymous camikaos said...

    You're not alone in this... when my life needs a big pick me up I tend to change my hair color or chop it off. My hair has been black for half my life with the occasional foray into burgundy, red and varying shades of blond (dark blond is my natural hair color).

    I've personally always felt much more like myself with black hair... and I always have more fun when I'm feeling like me.

  • At 9:06 PM , Blogger WendyB said...

    I got so distracted by the tag "I think Law & Order is on tonight" that I don't know what else to say. Don't do that to me!

  • At 9:09 PM , Blogger Effortlessly Average said...

    You want to REALLY have fun with me? Die your hair pink!

  • At 3:37 PM , Blogger Goddess Adrasteia said...

    This just finally showed up in my newsreader. (Curse you, Bloglines!)

    And who would have known that it was your boss was the one out finding a new opportunity? ;)


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