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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hall and Oates of Shame

I just downloaded some Hall & Oates tunes to my music thingy. I'll thank you kindly to hold your judgments.

Excepting bad music, all's good here, though minor annoyances abound: I am still jet lagged beyond belief, dog training sucks dog water, and I am in desperate need of a good haircut. But, I am happy to report that all of the big stuff is fine. Health, wealth, well being, etc.

Vegas was grand, thanks for asking. I am a blessed, blessed woman when it comes to friends. Oh, I'm gonna get all Misteeeh eyed thinking about it, so enough of that emotional hoo-ha.

We made fun of Carrot Top. We played Sexy Black Jack and it was everything we hoped it could be. We danced to cover bands. We ate fried foods. We hiked in a desert canyon in 110 degree heat. And I ran into a random co-worker at an In-and-Out Burger.

It's good to shake it up now and again, but I think that going forward, I have to put a three-day limit on my Vegas excursions. I mean, I managed to come home with my bank account and dignity in tact, but my nerves were all sorts of sizzled from the sun and crowds and Carrot Top's mush plastered all over God's Astro-Turfed Green Earth. Vegas is my kind of town, but only for a little while.

It's good to be home. Go ahead and laugh, but I missed Cleveland. Also, Megan Jane might have set me up with a fine young Irishman who is visiting Cleveland this weekend. Like, for real Irish. So, that may have something to do with my excitement at being back. That and Dollar Dog night the Jake.

In the Comments section, tell me about a place you love, either home or abroad.

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