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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


567Devin is about to be 86'd.

567Devin and his roommates, John and Shea, (also my friends, by the way) are hosting a dinner party for a boy who is moving to Asia. A small event, given that it is a school night, so the guest list was kept at a minimum--6 or 7 folks and each person was invited to bring a guest. A casual evening of merriment and feasting.

Guess who will not be attending this soiree?

I'll give you some hints. She likes to behave as though she were a natural redhead, there are the numbers 1,2 and 3 in her name, and she is currently writing this post.

567Devin has opted not to bring me as his date. Nee--he opted to not even mention the party to me. Grrr. Megan Jane called to see if I was going.

"Going? Going where, Megan Jane?"

"Shit. 567Devin is a prick. I can't believe he didn't invite you."

"No. He did not."

So, Megan Jane is going to defend my honor and plant the seed that I have a super-hot date with an Australian millionaire male model rockstar tonight and couldn't possibly even think about coming to a cruddy little goodbye party for a boy who is moving to China, anyway. So there.

What the F? I have met the soon-to-be ex-patriot on a number of social occasions and know everyone else in attendance; many, in fact, are very good friends (or, so I thought). Besides that, I make a fantastic spinach dip and have been told on no less than 12 occasions that I posses a sparkling personality.

Does 567Devin think that I am unable to meet the social requirements for his party, despite outstanding performances of wit and conversation at previous engagements? Is he worried I will embarrass him? Maybe he simply doesn't like me. Or, folks, maybe I am perpetually attracted to men who lack passion and compassion.

Whatever the case, I am taking Alice's advice. I am hurt. I am disappointed. I am confused. I feel lik


I feel like a big baby. Megan Jane, just this moment, sent me a message that our friend Brad's Mom died after a long battle with cancer. This makes me realize there are far worse things in this world than not being invited to a party.

Say a prayer for Brad and his family, then, in the Comments section, tell me some fun things I can do tonight instead of going to a stupid party and hanging out with a dud like 567Devin. I didn't even like his beard all that much, anyway. Whoever's idea I end up using gets a batch of my very fabulous spinach dip.


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