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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Got It Bad. You Don't Know How Bad I Got It.

I have nothing of note to say but since that doesn't necessarily stop my fellow bloggers, anchors aweigh!

It's hot here in the land of Cleve. The dogs are all disjointed, and I don't mean that scandalously. We’re just panting, flopped out on the floor, waiting for things to improve.

I've got friends who are dealing with—in no particular order—(possibly) deadly mold, too much Swiss chard, business plans run a-ground, drunken lounge girls, allergies, girlfriends who've been hit by cars, finding real jobs, tiny hatch backs, impending weddings, making babies, crazy exes, sick dads, staph infections, heavy breathing, other peoples' mistakes and cross-continental plane rides far away from their sweet loves.

A few of my peeps are even dealing with several of those items all at the same time!

Me? Well, I just have to tackle a mountain of dishes. Kind of puts it all in perspective, doesn't it? At least I've got Dawn (wink!) on my side.

In the Comments Section, tell me how are ya'll doing out there in Computer World.

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