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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dear God, Please Let There Be a Snooze Button on This Thing

JennyJenny8675309 has a Roomba, one of those robotic sweeper things.

Wonder Dog Bean and I spend countless hours watching it. Cheering when it darts under the couch and triumphantly emerges with a big wad of Wonder Bean hair. Holding our breaths as it goes to the brink of the steps and sagely spins around before imminent death. Appreciating the tender way it passes through the legs of the dining room chairs. Hours. Not to bite into the whole consumerism apple, but you should go get one. The Roomba is very smart.

It's been seeing a lot of action lately because JennyJenny8675309 has jumped head-first into Home Improvement and is currently refinishing the kitchen cabinets. There’s been much sanding and, thus, much sand on our kitchen floor. That’s how it works with JennyJenny8675309 and me. She rewires the house's electrical system, and I make tater tots. Yin and Yang.

These days, though, I feel like I could use a bit more Yang, you know?

I belong to a phenomenal online women's group, the D.C. Sisterhood, made up of intimate friends and technical strangers all brought together for a safe place to voice victory and defeat, joy and sorrow, jealousy and tolerance, pettiness and strength. Through our writing, we often come to know more about each other than we do our own mothers, brothers, boyfriends and roommates.

Much of the recent discussion has been about shifting priorities among the D.C. Sisters, and they are finding that, as with most things that shift like underwear or soufflees, the results can be uncomfortable and a little messy.

It's not my place to tell their stories, but suffice to say there are a lot of amazing things going on in the world, and the D.C. Sisters are responsible for a good three-quarters of them.

I feel proud to know these amazing women. And I'm so glad to have JennyJenny8675309's energy surrounding me. I just wish that, like them, I had something in my life that I was completely and absolutely devoted to. Something that I could pour my love and energy into. Something that I would fight for no matter what.

Oh, shit. Is this my biological clock starting to tick?

In the Comments Section, tell me whether or not my biological clock is, in fact, beginning to tick. Extra points to the people who say "No." The winner gets to borrow the Roomba for an evening of entertainment.


  • At 10:33 AM , Anonymous Allison said...

    no it's not starting to tick. and if it is i pretend like i don't hear it cause mine definatly has a snooze button. i think it's called denial. and the other snooze button i have is called jazzy. my 7 month old neice. she is cute as a button, but alot of work, and messy, and loud and does that vacume thing pick up cheerio's i wonder?

    props to the dc! 3/4 huh? i thought we were only up to like 3/8th...

    love ya val,

  • At 9:44 PM , Blogger Brokekid said...

    sometimes I wish a giant Roomba would come and sweep up the littered Starbucks and the discarded candy wrappers from 7/11, the walk from the Eastern Market metro stop would be so much less frazzling, the small things in life eat at you while you entirely forget about the larger things


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