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Friday, September 29, 2006

This Spud's For You. So Are the Random Musings.

I have a deadline for an article about how to choose the right personal lubricant looming over me like fart cloud, as well as the notion that I have to get up supa early and write financially sort of things, but more importantly, I had to make 15 pounds of potato salad.

For the camp trip tomorrow, you see. Busta Keeton divvied up all of the necessary supplies for the communal dinner, and I fortuitously got put on potato salad duty. My Mom made a kick-ass potato salad, and while I've deviated greatly from her recipe, I think it's safe to say that the kick-assness is still in the genes.

My secret? Beer. And Bacon. A mind-blowing combo. It's delish. Replace a little of the mayo with beer and a little of the celery with cooked bacon and voila! A creamy heartattack awaits! I've also made a veggie version for the likes of Kristen and Scotty, who are coming to enjoy nature, goddammit. It's probably not as good, but don't tell them that.

What other fun things can I tell you? Oh. At work today they threw us a "Western Barbeque." Isn't that nice? There were all sorts of smoked meat products and baked beans and pens that were shaped like snakes. It was fun--almost as fun as the Cinco De Mayo celebration in which I received a pen shaped like a maraca.

I got a new CD from my BMG Music deal. (I love you BMG! We are totally BFF!) Matt Kearny's Nothing Left to Lose. I really dig it. I also ordered The Fugees The Score. I hadn't heard that CD since 10th grade. It brought me back.

Back to a time when I was 40 pounds lighter, all bedecked in braces and working as a cashier at the Bi-Lo. I've always liked grocery stores. I had to go shopping today for the potato salad fixin's.

I got some green scallions, and I have a question about them that maybe one of ya'll can help me with: There's often a clear, gelatinous substance in the green tubey part of the onion. What the hell is that? I'm sure it's some sort of plant food stuff, but, seriously, it's gross. It reminds me of personal lubricant.

Ah. See how it all comes full circle around here?

In the comments section, can some one please tell me what in the hell that clumpy clear gel stuff is in my green onions? The winner gets some of my potato salad (veggie or baconlicious variety) and a copy of The Fugees The Score because it really is a rightous CD.


  • At 10:42 PM , Blogger Flat Coke and Flies said...

    i'm sure it has something to do with onion sex. now pass the tater salad please!!!?!?!?!

  • At 10:08 AM , Blogger brinki dink said...

    The Score has never left rotation in my collection, it's classic yo. I agree with FC&F, onion skin must be related to onion sex. Grody.


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