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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

To a T

You know those people in your life that, when the sky seems darkest and the world wants to swallow you whole, you're still able to take some comfort and say, "Well, at least she loves me"?

Yeah. That's the way I feel about Theresa. I've got so many of you priceless people in my life who appear on this blog daily, but Theresa especially has been keeping my mind company lately.

Theresa, who recently got married to a phenomenal man who recognizes every good bit about her, and, while I love him by proxy, I feel confident saying that her marriage is the least of her accomplishments.

Theresa, who has never been afraid to set out on her own journey but who still has managed to keep those dearest to her close along the way.

Theresa, who has abandoned all of the trappings of adolescence and looks so lovely in the silken coat of a woman.

Theresa, who has a heart robust enough and a life full enough to not to take it personally when 123Valerie jumps ship on her friendship duties.

Theresa, who is eternally beautiful.

My Mom was a Teresa. I don't think it's any coincidence that two of the people I love most in my life and think about most often share the same name; different spellings for different kind of lives, but close enough to share the same heart.

T, this doesn't do your life or my feelings for you justice, but I feel better having written it for you and the world to read. A life full of blessings for you and yours.

Oh, one more thing. T and her husband Skye can make beautiful, custom, hand-blown glass dildos that are dishwasher-safe and fun to freeze for anyone who's interested. I'm just saying … you know, if exquisite beads, elegant perfume bottles, marvelous marbles or amazing stained glass aren't your thing.

In the Comments section, tell me that you didn't really think I'd get through an entire post without referencing a penis, did you? Jesus H. Ya'll know me better than that. I love you, T!


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