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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Doing the Nude-tron Dance

So, last week I showered naked at the gym. In front of people.

Yeep! I did! It's taken me a full five days to write about it!

Despite my affinity for getting naked in general and in front of friends, in particular, this is the first time I have deliberately gone sans clothes in a public setting. God save my soul, but I think it was overdue. Just sayin'.

I took a nice long sauna, followed by a mellow shower and, okay, maybe I got a little shy drying off (because no one looks hot with a towel drying all of their lady bits), but gosh dernnit, I showed my bare breasts to women who didn't know me and whom I had no desire (what-so-ever) to make out with.

That's huge.

Kind of like my boobs.

Except not really. Now that I've lost a few pounds. Which has been all in my boobs. Not fair.

In the Comments section, tell me about the last time you got naked in public or the what's unfair in your life.



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