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Friday, November 16, 2007

In the Pink

Or reason #645 why I shouldn't be allowed out in public without adult supervision and a leash.

My homegirl Kate from Hey Pretty had a birthday last weekend, and we all gathered at her abode to celebrate the Scorpio lass with foods and drinks and one very fuzzy pink coat.

Teh Fuzzee Pink Cote: Ur doin it wrong

As much as I'd like to explain that I only have this coat because my mother bequeathed it to me, I ultimately made the decision to wear it out. The pink fuzzy apple doesn't fall far from the crazy tree, I guess.

To be frank, my entire day leading up to the party was full of miscalculations and questionable decisions. I think the trouble started when I decided to forego the logical decision to bring beer or wine to the party and opted instead for Jell-O shots. I mean, I did a nice key lime pie recipe, using Limey Jell-O and cream soda instead of water. Oh, and vodka. A lot of that. A lot.

Then, I zipped over to Lorelai's house so we could Metro down together. And when I got there, maybe I stepped over the tipsy line with a couple of glasses of wine and maybe I didn't. But maybe I did.

Lorelai and I were the first ones to arrive, which is always fine with me because then I can scope out the best vantage point and figure out which seat makes my boobs look the best. Strategy, people, strategy.

A gaggle of Miss Kate's friends arrived after us and the wine flowed and the conversation sparked and there was even jazz music, like real adults listen to. Nice.

And then at some point, after we'd all shared our favorite Kate memories it all went horribly, horribly wrong, as I forced the neon green Jell-O shots on poor, innocent partygoers and I made everyone (EVERYONE) try on the pink coat.

Straight Pimpin', lady!

Yes! Rock on wit your badself!

Fierce, EJ. Fierce!

That is a very secure man right there.

Now that is gorgeous! Rock it, girlfriend!

Sassy and sophisticated.

I lurve dis pink coat.

And then maybe I fell into the laps of a very nice married couple and probably stayed there for a minute or two longer than was necessary.

A rare photo of me upright that evening.

Well, now that it's Friday, I could atone for all of my social sins and fashion crimes of last weekend, but something tells me that when Lorelai and I meet up with Hilary the Guy from Pistols at Dawn and a few of his friends tonight for a bloggy smooshup, I'll probably be wearing the fuzzy pink coat yet again whilst falling into one or more laps.

Because nothing says "grown up" like pink fur and stumbling.

Yes, things are looking up. Including me.

In the Comments section, tell me about your favorite fashion statement. Or about a time when you fell into someone's lap.



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