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Friday, February 02, 2007

Parallel Universe

While watching the premier of The Sarah Silverman Program (Sweet Jesus, I am probably going to hell for enjoying it as much as I did, but at least I'll be in good company), Matty and I were talking about the idea of parallel play.

Aside from being a really good name for a band ("Thank you, Cleveland! We're Parallel Play!"), it's the neat notion that two people can engage in separate pursuits whilst in the company of one another, though it largely refers to interaction between children. However, Matty and I each had tales of significant others who couldn't effing leave us alone to read or do a jigsaw puzzle for 20 minutes. (So as not to tarnish Matty's image, I'm the one who does jigsaw puzzles. Pictures of cats, mostly. They're so cute!)

In any case, to me parallel play seems an ideal for which to strive. In my head, I envision that my imaginary sweet love schmoopy doll face is reading The World According to Garp, while I'm building a model train set or making pudding. At the same moment, we look up from our activities to meet each other's eyes, smile and bask in the contentment that comes from being together, but independent.

I've always thought a relationship should enhance my life, not take it over. Interestingly, one of the biggest complaints I get from those who dare brave the 123V waters is that I'm too detached, too independent, too caught up in my own pursuits. (Though, to be fair, I do get a lot of compliments on my breasts, my good nature and my vegetable lasagna.) I usually counter that the other person doesn't have enough going on and that they're a stupid head who smells bad. I'm still building my argumentative skills, my pretties.

Anyway, no real point to this post. It's just good to know that there's an actual name for one of my crazy ideas.

In the Comments section, tell me one of your crazy ideas. The winner gets to come over and help me with my latest jigsaw puzzle. A lovely photo of hot air balloons. I think there are cats in them.

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  • At 6:31 PM , Blogger you'dneverguess said...

    123V, I just love reading your posts. Always entertaining, poinent and thoroughly enjoyable. My crazy idea? Move to 10 acres off the grid, build a log house, maybe a straw bale house with solar, get lots of chickens, some goats, a cow, plant a garden and start a commune where only good people who would contribute or already are productive members of society could come and live.

  • At 7:08 PM , Blogger Kristin said...

    Crazy ideas? I'm still working on them, but I do love me some Sarah Silverman. Jesus is magic. Who can take offense at an equal opportunity offender?

  • At 7:50 PM , Blogger Matt said...

    Sarah Silverman: hot, smart, funny, racist.


  • At 10:05 PM , Blogger Flat Coke and Flies said...

    Most nights Bat sits at his computer, and I sit at my laptop. Often we just look at each other and smile then go back to our blogging/star wars game.

    Crazy ideas? Run around naked in the snow? That's all I got tonight.

  • At 10:48 PM , Blogger Kevin said...

    My idea is to abolish the whole daylight savings time thing. Just set the clocks ahead an hour and then be done with it forever.

  • At 10:56 PM , Blogger mist1 said...

    Relationships have never enhanced my life. They have complicated it.

  • At 11:01 PM , Blogger Lee said...

    I'm not good at parallel play. I'm only good at insecure psycho. This is why I don't date. Self defense.

    I love Sarah Silverman but, for the life of me, can't figure out how she let's Jimmy Kimmel do her. He's gotta have man boobs.

    Crazy idea: Band named Man Boobs fronted by Marky Mark...or John Goodman, depending on your audience.

  • At 9:44 AM , Anonymous 123V said...

    Well, hi Guess! Thanks so much--I love cows.

    Not me, K. Not me. I like equal-opportunity everything--jobs, housing, racists, whatevs.

    She does seem to be your dream girl, Matty. You can take Jimmy Kimmel any day.

    How about playing Star Wars naked in the snow, FC&F. You kids are freaky enough, it just might work.

    Kev, my roommate Jenny tried that a while back. She didn't change her clock, so she had this extra hour in the day. It kind of backfired on me, tho, but the fine people of Indiana seemed to have made it work.

    Boo, Mist, boo. Complexity frightens me in any context, but particularly in relationships. I find it best to date people in comas.

    Helloooooooo Lee! I, for one, can overlook a lot of faults in lieu of a good sense of humor and a huge cock. That said, give me a three some with Marky Mark and John Goodman--best of both worlds, I should think.

  • At 12:26 PM , Blogger Matt said...

    Sometimes a spouse just needs to know when to shut the fuck up! You know? They should teach that skill in pre-marital counselling.


    Who: YOU!

    What: Shutting the fuck up!

    Why: Because.

    When: Now.

  • At 2:07 PM , Blogger Hey Pretty said...

    My latest crazy idea: drunk emailing at 1 am. Cute boy who is not interested. Good Lord, somebody please help me.

  • At 11:00 AM , Blogger Lee said...

    I went to the National Cathedral yesterday. I lit a candle for your cankles. Peace be with you child.

  • At 7:58 PM , Blogger Attention Whore said...

    OMG - you have no idea Val... Parallel Play (or lack thereof) is EXACTLY what ended the last boy's attempt at entering the world that is me. I told him "I would like you to be part of my life, not BE my life...."
    They don't get it. A girl needs her space.


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