123Valerie Strikes Again

Unprecedented Self-Indulgence.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Because I have dived (deeved? diven? doven?) head first into online dating, I frequently chat with folks in whom I have no real interest.

Thus, my chatbox--is that a real word? Sounds gross--is filled with one-time chatters' and would-be lovers' screen names, along with my favorite folks.

Every time I look at my screen, it reminds me of the countless times I have struck out in matters of the heart. Yet, I can't bring myself to erase their weird, misguided names.

Click on the image to enlarge (If only it were that easy in real life!) and see if you can figure out with whom I tried to sleep and who is just a friend. In many cases, there's no wrong answer! It'll be fun.

In the Comments section, tell me your screen name. Even better: Be brave like Es Locura and send an e-mail to 123Valerie (at) gmail. com.

I do bite, but only on your inner thighs, where no one will see the bruises.



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